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Stephan Bulk and Team

Since march 2017 until June 2020 six complexes with 180 aviaries have been completed at the PCBArk, Taman Safari Indonesia.

Site Plan of the Prigen-Conservation-Breeding-Ark. 

Arrows 1 -6 are the Songbird complexes;

Arrow 7 will be the Beo-project, sponsored by the ZGAP Beo-campagne 2020

Arrow 11 is the Warty pig enclosure;

Arrows 8 - 10 will be the Parrots complexes;

Arrow 12 is the Javan small-toothed Palm-civet enclosure;

Arrow 13 is the office;

Arrow 14 is the security-tower

The semiwild F 1 generation of Black-winged Mynah hatched in the field 2016 in Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor/Cisarua.

Taman Safari Group is proud to say we are now three times successful with releasing three species of starlings.


1. TSI/Bogor/Cisarua the Black-winged Myna

2. TSI/Zoo Bandung the Common Myna and

3. PSMP/Bali/Gianyur the Bali Starling