Our new team from June 2020: from left 

Bagus, the new keeper Aldi, Egy and Andri;

behind Jochen, Stephan Alvin and Seger.

My name is Seger Setiawan, Ì`m 33 years old and a bird keeper for some years already. I started in Taman Safari Indonesia II in 2005, I worked with all kinds of animals, but mainly with birds.


In the beginning of 2018 I joined the new team at PCBA and work there as a senior keeper. We help to breed rare or endangered birds which will be released later. Hopefully our efforts will be useful for all of us. My hobby is soccer.

My name is Ade Bagus Prasetyo. I'm 21 years old. I am working in Taman Safari Indonesia II for 2 years now, In the first year I was in charge of the animals at the Animal Hospital.


Now I'm working with the new team at PCBA to help to realize the mission of preserving and breeding endangered Indonesian songbirds -  with all the experiences I have got.

My name is Alvin Oksa Mawarda,  called Alvin, I am 19 years old, a muslim and Indonesian citizen. I am currently single and working as a bird keeper.
I started my work in Taman Safari Indonesia II Prigen in June 2018. At the beginning I took care of the Barbary sheep for about 3 months. Then I joined the team at PCBA.
My hobby is soccer - my favourite team Manchester United.

My name is Andri Widayat. I`m 32 years old. I work i TSI since 2010.

First in the hospital as a bird keeper, but also with all animals in the quarantine.


I`m a part of the PCBA Team since February 2019. I do hope I can help to implement the mission of PCBA.

My name is Stephan Bulk from Germany

My name is Jochen Menner from Germany

My name is Mohammed Abdu Egy Pranata,. You can call me Egy. I`m 19 Years old and I was born on 29th of February 2000. I graduated from senior high school in Purwosari in 2018. I started to work in the songbird area on the first of October 2019.


My hobby is swimming and listening music, sometimes also singing. My strengths namely are, I can work alone or in a team.

Thanks for reading my curiculum vitae.